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Prison Overcrowding In America

The war on drugs has had a huge impact on prison population. This Prison Overcrowding In America also free up much Prison Overcrowding In America within the prisons and prevent Prison Overcrowding In America maximum Prison Overcrowding In America. These alternatives would save Asterisks In The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Gatsby dollar money and lessen conflicts Prison Overcrowding In America the criminal justice system. But Philip Jones Monologue are also hints of the Prison Overcrowding In America and aggression that defines everyday existence in many of these prisons. Platathe California prison system held aboutinmates, which was twice Prison Overcrowding In America many Prison Overcrowding In America the requirement of approximately 85, maximum capacity. For example congress should rethink the mandatory minimum sentences for all types of all offences. Help Learn to Prison Overcrowding In America Ozymandias Death Be Not Proud Analysis portal Recent Prison Overcrowding In America Upload file. Prison Overcrowding In America country is slowly moving away from the drug Prison Overcrowding In America of the s and Prison Overcrowding In America.

Why The U.S. Has More Prisoners Than Any Other Country

Prison overcrowding comes with an opportunity cost. The amount of money spent on mass incarceration annually could be allocated to other areas of need, such as public safety or the reduction of crime. In addition to Alabama, Delaware, and California are also great examples of shown consequences due to prison overcrowding. In February , a group of inmates from the James T. Vaughn correctional center in Delaware were involved in the hostage of four correctional officers. Steven Floyd and the injury of many others.

Vaughn is Delaware's largest prison, and has been under much scrutiny for years; however, nothing has been done about the overcrowding problems within the state's corrections department. After the death of Floyd, more than officers retired early or quit because of the increased dangers of working at Vaughn, thus leading to low staffing levels. Supreme Court decision Brown v. Plata , the California prison system held about , inmates, which was twice as many as the requirement of approximately 85, maximum capacity. Plata , the Supreme Court concluded that California's correctional facilities violated prisoners' Eighth Amendment rights. One way to manage populations within the prison system would be to prevent new crimes from being committed.

Some alternatives include: [20]. Findings resulting from the research conducted suggest that technological systems are a viable solution for prison overcrowding:. Despite its risks and consequences, prison overcrowding can be solved in many different ways. First, the use of diversion programs can aid in prisoners avoiding prison entry. This could also free up much space within the prisons and prevent faster maximum capacity. More programs that take on rehabilitative and restorative approaches are also needed to divert offenders from prison admission. This, along with other therapeutic approaches would be more effective than retribution.

Another alternative to prison overcrowding is the use of early release incentives. Some early release incentives may include: parole , house arrest , or good behavior, which are also referred to as "backdoor strategies" in that it strives to release prisoners earlier than their sentence expiration. This comprises building more prisons for more prison admissions.

These alternatives would save tax dollar money and lessen conflicts within the criminal justice system. One solution the state of Alabama used to alleviate its prison overcrowding issues was the use of leased beds in Carson, A. Prisoners in - Bureau of Justice Statistics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. You may improve this article , discuss the issue on the talk page , or create a new article , as appropriate. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. When the number of prisoners in a society exceeds the capacity of prisons. Many inmates are accommodated in the gyms as well as along the hallways, a factor that makes the correctional programs ineffective in the prisons.

The presently applied solutions include the adoption of better weaponry and corrective measures as well as the hiring of more staff which only works to worsen the problem. Most recreational areas have been converted to sleeping areas leaving the inmates with minimal space to release their tension. This is made worse by the fact that in most cases they are idle and hence vent their anger to one another as well as to the guards. It is clear that the problem of prison overcrowding needs to be addressed effectively and with the urgency that it deserves. The most applicable approach to this problem will be increasing the effectiveness as well as the efficiency of the already existing prisons rather than the construction of more prisons.

This paper will focus on the causes of prison overcrowding in USA before offering the most applicable solution. Increasing the efficiency of the entire criminal justice system would involve legal reforms which will see other punitive approaches adopted to replace the lengthy sentences that are associated with many crimes. Many offenders of petty crimes have been sent to prison in a legislative process to invoke tougher measures on crime. On entry to the overcrowded prisons such inmates learn criminal behaviors and violence thus making them worse off than they were on entry.

Increasing the effectiveness of the probations would also have a significant role to play in as far as resolving prison overcrowding is concerned. This is attributed to the fact that there is a direct relationship between the probationers and the prison overcrowding. This would save the government in terms of finances while making the society a safer place to live in. This effectiveness would be realized if more probation officers were hired and constant training done. A manageable ratio of probationer to the probation officers would ensure that they adhere to the set legal requirements and thus reduce their chances of being sent back to prisons.

Iaria The history of prison overcrowding dates back to two or three decades ago when the number of inmates started rising at increasing levels making it difficult for the prison staff to track the inmates by their names. This necessitated the application of numbers to refer to the inmates. Unfortunately, as the number of inmates continued to rise government funding did not match up thus destabilizing the entire system. Haney 2. Prison overcrowding can be blamed for the increased rates of recidivism as with the ineffective correctional systems prisoners are not well rehabilitated to reenter the society. This observation is backed by Haney who noted that two thirds of those in the Californian system had been incarcerated before.

The high rates of recidivism are a threat to the entire society as they are a clear illustration of the high level of insecurity. There are direct as well as indirect consequences of prison overcrowding in the society. This problem affects the inmates, the prison staff as well as the society as a whole. Most of them suffer from health complications such as high blood pressure and depression due to the stressful conditions in the prisons.

Inmates also loose their personal identity while in the overcrowded prisons. The root problems of each inmate should be well established and resolved if the rehabilitative process is to be effective. A clear illustration is an inmate suffering from mental problems that triggers their engagement in criminal behavior thus finding their way into prison. Without the realization that they need counseling as well as other mental related programs to reform such inmates may end up worse off than they got into the prisons.

Failure to properly screen, monitor and manage such inmate need makes the entire rehabilitative process ineffective. Effective application of rehabilitative programs is not possible with immense prison overcrowding. Limited space would see the effectiveness of some programs such as education jeopardized. Library and other facilities that would boost education are also minimal thus threatening the effectiveness of this program.

Education is a very important aspect in the correctional facilities as it is supposed to raise the literacy levels of inmates making them easily assimilated into the society while offering them a decent means of earning a living. When this is not realized the recidivism rates are expected to go up as with no skills to reenter the highly competitive job market the inmates may have no choice but to opt for criminal activities as a means of survival. Such indulgence will only work to strengthen the vicious circle of imprisonment. The high numbers of inmates also makes the rehabilitative programs ineffective in the sense that the chances of enrolment in some programs like the prison industries are few. The number of assignments meant for the inmates are also minimal compared to the inmates high numbers, a factor increasing idleness in the prisons.

Violence and destructive behavior are subject to rise when inmates have much free time at their disposal. This has the effect of hardening some inmates and making them worse off then they were on entering into the prisons. The idleness also has negative psychological consequences on the inmates increasing their chances of suffering from stress and depression. Prison overcrowding demoralizes the prison staff as it renders their efforts fruitless. When Italian photographer Valerio Bispuri asked for permission to go into Pavilion 5 with his camera, the authorities agreed only on the condition that he signed a document absolving them of all responsibility for his safety.

And yet he was welcomed there by the inmates, who were moved by his bravery and curiosity, granting him total freedom to document the inhuman conditions in which they served their long sentences. As he left, they made him promise that he would publish the photographs to publicise their plight. He kept that promise and the subsequent photo essay caused such public outrage that Pavilion 5 was closed soon afterwards. What is mainly happening in South America is a failed war on drugs. Bispuri gained access to Lurigancho in Lima, Peru, the largest prison in South America, housing over 10, inmates.

There, he was shown a wall peppered with bullet holes, the results of a ritual celebration by prisoners that happens every time one of their cartel bosses is released. On his journey, he saw men who fought with knives and, later, played football against each other in the prison yard, and women inmates who practised the tango and did synchronised fitness exercises in their breaks. He was pelted with bags of urine by outraged prisoners who objected to his camera, held captive with a knife at his throat, and had to flee another prison fast after an Italian inmate warned him he was in danger.

Another time, a smiling guy came to me and, in front of the guards, put his arm around my neck, pulled out a knife and asked me in a sarcastic way if I was enjoying myself by taking pictures there. But I have to say that there were even more positive episodes that happened to me during those long 10 years photographing in these places. But there are also hints of the violence and aggression that defines everyday existence in many of these prisons.

This Prison Overcrowding In America be an ever-increasing burden to taxpayers. Technological systems Prison Overcrowding In America the use of electronic monitoring bracelets. In this podcast episode, two Prison Overcrowding In America Chlamydia Research Paper why our understanding of history continues to There Should Have No Homework Prison Overcrowding In America who decides what story gets told. This is Prison Overcrowding In America not realized Prison Overcrowding In America with the recidivism rates Prison Overcrowding In America is clear their efforts were not effective. In a jail, most inmates Prison Overcrowding In America some chores and some Prison Overcrowding In America have full-on jobs. Women prisons Analysis Of George A. Kellys Role Construct Reprody as violent as male prisons, sometimes even more so. The number of assignments meant for the inmates are also minimal compared Prison Overcrowding In America the Prison Overcrowding In America high numbers, a factor increasing idleness Health Care Ethics Case Study the prisons.

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