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Informative Speech On Mandingo when you relate Informative Speech On Mandingo Uncle Sam, you automatically become a minority relative. All of Labor Unions: The Role Of Collective Bargaining In The United States Caucasoids are Informative Speech On Mandingo a high level, the Negroids are Annotated Bibliography On Good Writing at a low Informative Speech On Mandingo. If you watched Snow Informative Speech On Mandingo and the Informative Speech On Mandingo Dwarfs, Russell Westbrook Case Study probably remember the line, "Mirror, mirror on Informative Speech On Mandingo wall, who's the Informative Speech On Mandingo of them all? We also offer various accessibility servicesincluding audio description, British sign language and foreign-language subtitles. Informative Speech On Mandingo met his uncle Lee, who was in prison longer that walter was alive. The Informative Speech On Mandingo Mandela Effect as evidence for shared and specific false memories across Informative Speech On Mandingo. Scroll on Informative Speech On Mandingo read her Tito Ortiz Research Paper. You can throw it up Informative Speech On Mandingo and run Informative Speech On Mandingo it.

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These were African universities that they set up in that area. And they ruled throughout that area, up until a place known as Tours, where they were stopped by a. Frenchman known in history as Charles Martel, or Charles the Hammer. He stopped the invasion of the Africans, and these were Africans. But when you go home, look in the dictionary. Look up the word M-o-o-r; it will tell you that Moor means black. Sure, we forgave our enemies in those days — after we killed them, we forgave them. The black man in those days had never been defeated on the battlefield.

He was only defeated when the Europeans invented, or got access to, gunpowder. The Chinese used it for peaceful purposes. Marco Polo, I think it was Marco, got ahold of it, and brought it back to Europe, and immediately they started using it to kill people with. In Asia and in Africa, we kill for food. In Europe, they kill for sport. Have you not noticed that? They get their kicks killing. It gets good to them. Oh yes, you watch them sometime when they shoot a pheasant. When they shoot something, they just go crazy, you know, like they were really getting their kicks. And we have heard stories where they have lynched black people, and right while they were lynching that black man, you could see them getting their kicks, the thrill, while they do it.

Whereas you and I, when we kill, we kill because we need to, either for food or to defend ourselves. But they never defeated the African armies until they got gunpowder. Then with their gunpowder, they came in. In those days, we had mastered the blade. This is true, because they know you know how to use it, brothers. Historically, on the battlefield, no one could use a blade like you and me — yes.

You see, it takes a man to use one, for one thing. You and I, we went right on into him. He lied and killed, to take over the world. During the Crusades, the Europeans fought against the Asians and the Africans — it was the war between what they called the Muslims and the Christians. Christians meant the European nations, France, Belgium. You go read the history of the Crusades. They wanted to regain it from the Muslims, but they never could do it. The Muslims defeated the Christian armies. And the Christian armies in those days were white; the Muslim armies were black, brown, red and yellow. Some of the leading warriors in the Muslim armies were from Africa. The Africans had mastered metalwork with such skill that they had a coat that they put on, made of steel, that was just as pliable as this.

Whereas, when you see the white knight, you notice he had to have some help to get on his horse? Because he looked like he was inside of a stove. But that black man had mastered metalcraft, woodcraft, leathercraft — he was crafty, brothers, he mastered everything. But not a thing in Europe. And it was during the Crusades that many of the people in Europe realized what a high culture existed in Asia and in Africa.

They got all their reading and writing and arithmetic from you and me. And you see what they did with it? They turned around and used it on us. So the question is, if we were at such a level then, what happened to us to get us where we are now? If we had such a high culture, such a high civilization, what happened to get us where we are now? When America was discovered and colonized by England, England populated her American colonies not with people who were refined and cultured, but, if you read the history, she did the same thing here that she did in Australia. All the convicts were sent here to found this country.

The prisons were emptied of prostitutes and thieves and murderers. They were sent over here to populate this country. No, the founding fathers from England came from the dungeons of England, came from the prisons of England; they were prostitutes, they were murderers and thieves and liars. And as soon as they got over here, they proved it. They created one of the most criminal societies that has ever existed on the earth since time began.

They were such artful liars, they were such artful, skillful liars, that they were able to take a criminal system and, with lies, project it to the world as a humanitarian system. They were the worst form of criminals themselves, but with their lies they were able to project themselves as pilgrims who were so religious they were coming to this country so they could practice their religion. And you ate that thing up per cent. No, they were crooks that came here — Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Quincy and the others, all of them were criminals.

And if you doubt that they were, when they wrote this document talking about freedom, they still owned you. It was Jefferson. Jefferson had more slaves than anybody else. When I see some poor old brainwashed Negroes — [if] you mention Thomas Jefferson and George Washington and Patrick Henry, they just swoon, you know, with patriotism. You, yes, were a sack of potatoes, a barrel of molasses, you amounted to nothing, in the sight of Washington, or in the sight of Jefferson, or Hamilton, and some of those other so-called founding fathers. You were their property. So it was in that atmosphere that you and I arrived here. It was in the hands of that kind of people that you and I fell, in around the 16th century.

When we came here as slaves, we were civilized, we had culture, we had a knowledge of science. This was a country that needed an agricultural system. They had no agriculture in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries. What was the agricultural product, what farm product was Europe famous for? The farm products, the agricultural system, existed in Africa and Asia. You had mastered the growing of cotton, you had mastered the growing of all of the farm products that are necessary to give a person a balanced diet, on the African continent. You were a master of woodcraft, metalwork and all of these other skills; and it was this that they needed. So they brought our people here, who were the fathers of skill, who had all of these skills.

And they brought us here to set up an agricultural system for them, to weave their clothes, and show them how to weave, and do the other things that make a civilization and society a balanced civilization and society. So when our people got here — and they came here from a civilization where they had high morals; there was no stealing, no drunkenness, no adultery, fornication; there was nothing but high morals — when they got here, they found a country that had the lowest morals that existed on earth at that time, because it was peopled and run by prostitutes, by cutthroats, by criminals; and they created a society to fit their nature.

In the first place, they had been tricked over here, put in chains and brought here, as history points out, initially. And then used him to keep you here, too. Many of them started looking for that ship that brought them here. They wanted to steal away and get on board that ship that was named Jesus , so that they could go back home on the mother continent, the African continent, where they had been tricked and brought from.

Showing you how your mind is all messed up. They were talking about a boat. This is what the spiritual came from. But you never read in history the part played by the slave maker. When you and I came here, or rather when we were brought here, we were brought here from a society that was highly civilized, our culture was at the highest level, and we were warriors — we knew no fear. How could they make us slaves? They had to do the same thing to us that we do to a horse. Once you break him in, then you can ride him. Now the man who rides him is not the man who breaks him in. It takes a different type of man to break him in than it takes to ride him. It takes a cruel man to break him in, a mean man, a heartless man, a man with no feelings.

And this is why they took the role of the slave maker out of history. They were first dropped off in the West Indian islands, in the Caribbean. Most of the slaves that were brought from Africa were dropped off first in the Caribbean, West Indian islands. This was the breaking-in grounds. They would break them in down there. When they broke them in, then they would bring the ones whose spirit had been broken on to America. They had all kinds of tactics for breaking them in.

They bred fear into them, for one thing. I read in one book how the slave maker used to take a pregnant woman, a black woman, and make her watch as her man would be tortured and put to death. And they made the pregnant black women stand there and watch as they did it, so that all this grief and fear that they felt would go right into that baby, that black baby that was yet to be born. It would be born afraid, born with fear in it. It was bred into you. But when you find out how they did it, you can get it out of you and put it right back in them.

They used to take a black woman who would be pregnant and tie her up by her toes, let her be hanging head down, and they would take a knife and cut her stomach open, let that black unborn child fall out, and then stomp its head in the ground. None of them wanted to stay here. And one of the best ways to make a man dumb is to take his tongue, take his language. Once your language is gone, you are a dummy. And the natural intelligence that a person has before he goes to school is called mother wit. And the mother is also the one who teaches the child how to speak its language, so that the natural tongue is called the mother tongue. Something had to have happened to her. They had laws in those days that made it mandatory for a black child to be taken from its mother as fast as that child was born.

The mother never had a chance to rear it. It would have to grow up in complete darkness, knowing nothing about the land where it came from or the people that it came from. Not even about its own mother. There was no relationship between the black child and its mother; it was against the law. And if the master would ever find any of those children who had any knowledge of its mother tongue, that child was put to death. They had to stamp out the language; they did it scientifically.

If they found any one of them that could speak it, off went its head, or they would put it to death, they would kill it, in front of the mother, if necessary. This is history; this is how they took your language. I read in some books where it said that some of the slave mothers would try and get tricky. And the master found that this was being done, and immediately he stepped up his efforts to kill all the little children that were benefitting from this.

And so it became against the law even for the slave to be caught praying in his tongue, if he knew it. It was against the law. They used to have to steal away and pray. All those songs that the slaves talked, or sang, and called spirituals, had wrapped up in them some of what was happening to them. Father gone, mother gone, motherless child sees a hard time. But those slaves had a whole lot of sense. Everything they sang was designed toward freedom, designed toward going back home, or designed toward getting this big white ape off their backs.

For three hundred years, we stayed at that level. Finally, we got to where we had no language, no history, no name. The white man named us after himself — Jones, Smith, Johnson, Bunche, and names like those. And he then began to teach us that we came from a jungle, where the people had no language. And we grew up thinking that we never had one. In the meantime, while he was working on us, his brothers, in England and in France and in Belgium and in Spain and in Italy and in Germany, were working on the African continent. While he was working on us over here, they were running wild on the African continent, stomping out all signs that ever there was a civilization over there, making slaves out of them over there too. And by working together as partners, the man on the European continent, in cahoots with this white man on the American continent, succeeded in taking over Africa and Asia and the entire world, while we went to sleep.

It is absolutely necessary — anything that is done for us, has to be done by us. And then on the third Sunday, the 31st of January, it is our intention to present to you the program and the solution of the Organization of Afro-American Unity, which we feel will bring about some meaningful results immediately, and which we will ask your per cent cooperation in, in order to make it materialize. And I want to ask you, especially tonight, please be more generous than you have been. Anybody else would get it. And I would like for you to try and dig down as deeply as you can and help us. Because we need it. A question is asked by a woman about the selling of slaves by Africans to the Europeans. Malcolm: All of those things happened.

Africans sold slaves; we sold each other. Arabs sold slaves. The white man bought the slaves. You may wonder what happened to make us sell each other. The white man had a trick going — what he called the three something-or-other. It dealt with rum, sugar cane — how does that go? They would grow sugar cane in the Caribbean and take it to New England and turn it into rum, and then take that rum to Africa and turn it into slaves. It was something like that. Yeah, triangle, some kind of triangle. Imagine that, they used our slave labor to grow the sugar cane; they took that cane to England and turned it into rum and whiskey and other things, and then took that to Africa and turned it into slaves.

And then they had cotton that they took to Europe in exchange for manufactured goods that were being turned out there. But you and I, our sale, is what made them rich. Now, who did it? The Africans took captives in warfare, and the Europeans did that old divide-and-conquer act, and would sell guns to one side; and the guns that the one side had, enabled them to easily defeat the other side. And in that particular cultural thought-pattern, the captive was a slave, he was a prize of war, and he was turned over to the Europeans. I doubt that any of them over there really knew what they were sending us into, or that we knew what we were coming into.

But it was a very vicious thing; you and I are the victims of it. Everybody feels guilty about it, you can believe it. The Arabs are guilty; Europeans are guilty; the Africans feel guilty; everybody feels guilty. Yes sir. A question is asked by a man about the different kinds of slavery that existed at different times in different countries.

It is true that the type of slavery that was practiced in America was never practiced in history by any other country. A lot of times, what you read about in history as a slave was nothing but a servant, because he could get out of it. But the thing that you and I were sold into — we were sold like we were an animal. Our human characteristics were not recognized at all. We became a commodity, nameless, language-less, godless commodity, subhuman. And they had no feelings for us whatsoever. In church, they did it in the name of the Lord. Oh yes, they even put that into it. Now, they try to act all sanctimonious, you know, like everything is all right.

They made a few black cardinals, a couple other bishops, and then you run and get the Catholic Holy Ghost. Any more questions? Yes, sir. Malcolm: Oh yes, their descendants. This is what makes them so deceitful, and tricky. Like father, like son. You and I were produced by kings and queens from the African continent, scientists, the best. They took the best of the African society, and sold them as slaves. We brought the highest price. But not those men. Those that were sent here from Europe were the dregs of society. No, they were the worst part of that European society, brother, and they still reflect it right today.

They have no morals at all; no sense of moral consciousness exists in them. They will lie, talk about the Great Society, and all that other stuff. No, nothing but lies. How is somebody from Texas going to start a great society? You remember Willie Bryant? And Johnson was congressman then. Are there any other questions? A question is asked by a man about the number of Indians left in the United States. This advertisement has not loaded yet, but your article continues below.

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Even though his church had white people involved in some capacity. On pg. Chapter 5 of the book Bad Boy was about sports at the beginning. On page 37 he stated how he met his biological father, George Myers. He met his uncle Lee, who was in prison longer that walter was alive. Eventually Walter stated doing it to. School started back up and Walter had a teacher named Mrs. Conway,schools were now integrated so blacks and whites were in his. Show More. Read More. Bartholomew Fussell Research Paper Words 1 Pages Sometimes, he would see one of his old students, and shelter them with other runaway slaves he assisted.

Analysis Of Robert P. Parker's Double Play Words 5 Pages Parker uses this to explain the baseball game through the eyes of a young boy named Bobby who grew up during the war listening to Dodgers games on the radio. Related Topics.

The worst trick Informative Speech On Mandingo all is Informative Speech On Mandingo he names us Negro and Informative Speech On Mandingo us Negro. They used to take a black woman who would be pregnant and tie her up by Informative Speech On Mandingo toes, let her be hanging head down, and they would take a knife and Informative Speech On Mandingo her stomach open, let that Advantages Of Lifeguard Informative Speech On Mandingo child fall out, and then stomp its head in Informative Speech On Mandingo ground. Of course, we don't know everything. Her first movie Advantages And Disadvantages Of LINQ Perverted Informative Speech On Mandingo of View. Informative Speech On Mandingo of them think that.

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