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Late Night Chitlins With Momma Analysis

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Key \u0026 Peele - Soul Food

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Apologies for the inconvenience. Blatant Lies : Anyone in the Black Pearl will say this is all he can say, such as his claim that the Canadian-bought lobster was actually from Maine. Gordon shot him down repeatedly for this. Embarrassing Nickname : Tries to give Gordon one by calling him "Gordy" toward the end of the episode. It backfires when Gordon acts totally unfazed by the childish and lame attempt at disrespect. Establishing Character Moment : Besides what we see of the staff talking about him in the intro, he walks into the restaurant during Gordon's first visit with a pair of shades on and an absolutely smug walk towards him.

Gordon takes that as the first sign to not trust him. Jerkass : He immediately derides Gordon on nearly every change and recommendation he makes to the restaurant. Never My Fault : Treats the closing of Black Pearl like it was Gordon's fault and that everything else had nothing to do with him. Even before this, he counters arguments against him by shifting the blame towards others and pointing out others' flaws. Smug Snake : Gordon's first impression of him is this, and he proves it true soon enough.

Anytime he talks to Gordon or someone else with a complaint, he does it dismissively and with exceeding condescension, less like a manager and more like a politician, which Gordon mentions to his face. Even the customers aren't exempt from this, as his brief time as receptionist has him make unfunny jokes at one guy's name and just leave him to find his own table. Sore Loser : Unsurprisingly, his restaurant shuttered in spite of Gordon's intervention; half of his closing announcement consisted of him badmouthing Gordon, and wishing the worst for the man who attempted to help him.

Ungrateful Bastard : The examples above are testament to this, not to mention selling the unique lobster tank Gordon donated to the place just to score a final quick buck. Greg The second of the three owners, and the most compassionate one. Brilliant, but Lazy : He had the most interest in running the place properly, but his approach was still very hands-off and he didn't show up as often as necessary to do his job because of the constant disagreements between him and the other two owners.

When Brian is dismissed and Ramsay starts leading them to take charge properly, he becomes slightly more competent in handling the restaurant and can actually expedite the dishes properly. Nice Guy : The staff speaks well of him, at least in comparison to the apathetic David and the inactive Brian, but he does take Gordon's advice to heart and does his best to show he can do things right. Only Sane Man : Greg's the only one of the three owners to demonstrate any real competence in his work or empathy for the staff, and is well liked by the employees, being near unanimously elected as the ultimate head of the three owners after Gordon runs a poll among them.

Sadly, he's also proof that just being sane is no guarantee of being successful , as it's abundantly clear he has quite low self esteem and little idea of how to run the business well while simultaneously babysitting the slothful Brian and petulant David without the significantly stronger-willed Gordon backing him up - and their being equal part owners prevents him from solving the problem by simply getting rid of them. Sure enough, shortly after Gordon left, David wrested control of the restaurant back from Greg; shortly after that , the trio were forced to sell.

Reasonable Authority Figure : Is the most competent of the three owners and is the most reasonable with Gordon. Brian The last of the three owners, and the least active. The Load : Was singled out as the most ineffective of the three managers and thus was allowed to go back home on the night of relaunch while Gordon reevaluated his place there. Gordon initially pegged his laziness as the most likely core cause of the restaurant's woes - and then he had the misfortune to get to know David a bit more.

Sue The owner of the restaurant. I Resemble That Remark! Subsequently, she would claim through the press that she never did anything wrong running her restaurant, and that Tim was actually an actor who duped her into hiring him and then deliberately screwed up the restaurant so that Ramsay could come in and save it. Never mind the fact that she had admitted in the episode that she was already having trouble before Tim came along, and even if her claims were true, she'd be effectively admitting that she hired Tim without even bothering to check whether or not his references were legitimate.

Insane Troll Logic : Her claim that Tim was an actor who was hired to screw up her restaurant so that Ramsay could turn things around. Not only does it sound silly on the face of it, but it falls apart when you consider that the restaurant had deteroriated back into its previously filthy state by the time Ramsay revisited, leaving the question as to why Ramsay would deliberately himself look like a failure. Never My Fault : To this day, she refuses to admit that Bonapartes' going under had anything to do with her management, and even threatened to sue Gordon and the show's producers for loss of earnings.

Not only did that not happen, he successfully sued the paper that printed her side of the story for libel. Tim The restaurant's head chef. Awesome, but Impractical : Okay, "awesome" is probably being generous, but his dishes were really more suited to London rather than a working-class town in Yorkshire. They were also impractical in the sense that Tim didn't have the skill or experience necessary to pull them off. Brilliant, but Lazy : Judging by the Valentine's Day meal, he evidently can run a kitchen successfully when he's properly supervised and not using overly-complex recipes.

Unfortunately, Sue proved far too hands-off, and within less than a week he'd fallen back to his previous lax standards, ultimately resulting in his being fired at the end of the revisit. Gordon still saw enough potential to offer him an internship in London, but Tim passed it up in favour of trying to get a job in TV. This has turned out bad for him in the long run as people have now turned him away from their shows and jobs when they find out that he was on Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares. Epic Fail : When Gordon was trying to help Tim cook the new recipes, Gordon took him to Tim's house to cook for his parents.

While Tim's mother was talking about how he always wanted to be a chef, he burns the food causing the smoke alarm to go off. Lethal Chef : Managed to set the bar incredibly low for chefs who would subsequently give Gordon samples of their food, by serving up expired scallops which caused him and Tim himself to be sick. Self-Deprecation : After being fired, he said that it was unbelievable how stupid people can be. The director asked if he was referring to Sue, but he clarified that he was talking about himself. Skewed Priorities : On his trip to Leeds Market, he was evidently more interested in shopping for clothes and footwear until Gordon gave him a push towards the butchers' section.

Small Name, Big Ego : A mild case; he was nowhere near as bad as a lot of the show's latter chefs in this regard, but at the start of the episode his ego clearly needed to be brought down a notch or two. Burger Kitchen. Alan One of the owners of the restaurant. Bad Boss : Completely oblivious to the plights of his employees, especially Chef David, whose talent and ideas he ignores; and Daniel, who's on the verge of a breakdown due to the stress of operating Burger Kitchen. Can't Take Criticism : Whenever people complain about the food, he's not happy about it. He's notably very upset when the burger he makes for Gordon is called hideous. It's very possible he convinced himself the Yelp reviews are from people who want to destoy his restaurant as a way of rejecting any criticism.

Cordon Bleugh Chef : When he tries to cook his own burger to impress Ramsay And one up his own head chef , it turns out to be no better than any of the other burgers on his menu, all of which are noted to be flavorless and improperly cooked when he's in command. He mentions a couple of times that he had a poor relationship with his father because he "Didn't want to join his business". What he doesn't mention is that his father was Abe Saffron, who was a notorious Australian gangster known as "Mr. His businesses included strip clubs, gambling, and prostitution.

Didn't Think This Through : His cluelessness about the culinary field was brutally evident in his burgers, and ultimately his ill-conceived business bit the dust in spite of Gordon's intervention. Epic Fail : Makes his own burger in an attempt to outdo his own chef, only for Ramsey to declare it hideous. Hypocrite : Alan treats his son and his fiancee like shit, yet in his book he describes his own father as a monster. Know-Nothing Know-It-All : Prides himself as a "meat sculptor", but it's clear he knows nothing on how to prepare a proper burger, let alone an edible one. His ignorance is best exemplified by his persistent mispronunciation of "wagyu"; the way he's pronouncing it isn't even a native Japanese sound. Never My Fault : Is totally oblivious as to the reason why Daniel is so resentful towards him even after admitting he stole his own son's money.

When Gordon expresses a dislike of the burgers, he blames David even though he himself came up with the recipes. Finally, he is convinced the negative reviews from Yelp were some sort of orchestrated conspiracy to kill the business. Even after Gordon introduced him to some of these reviewers in person to set the record straight, Alan continued to blame them for the restaurant's struggles after Gordon left.

Skewed Priorities : He spent money on frozen wagyu beef because he thought it'd be give a better product. Ramsay tells him his priorities are wrong, because the fancy names doesn't mean it will necessarily make a better burger. Daniel Alan's son and one of the owners of the restaurant. Dating What Daddy Hates : His parents don't support his relationship with his girlfriend, since she's someone who calls them out on their mistreatment of their son and general incompetence. Jerk with a Heart of Gold : He acts indifferent and uncaring to what happens in the restaurant and seems constantly at the verge of a breakdown, but given his parents' attitude towards him and the business, this is entirely justifiable.

Once he finally admits everything to Ramsay and they talk to his parents, he acts a lot more open and friendly towards him. Nice Hat : He constantly wears a trillby. Only Sane Man : Despite being slightly abrasive, Danny is the only one in his family who realizes that the restaurant is in deep trouble. David Blaine The restaurant's head chef during the first half of the two-parter. The Determinator : After getting fired, he refuses to leave the building until he's given a check covering all the wages he's owed. Also case of Jerkass Has a Point : he's correct that state law says they have to pay him immediately when they terminate his employment. George Jetson Job Security : Makes an off-the-cuff threat to hit Daniel during the middle of service, and gets fired on the spot.

Granted, he should have shown a lot more tact given what Daniel was going through, but it seems harsh to fire him just as he'd proved himself to actually be quite competent at his job. Hair-Trigger Temper : He's got a pretty short fuse when it comes to dealing with the owners, especially Gen. Hidden Depths : When given the money to buy ingredients to make his own burger from scratch, he manages to produce one that really impresses Gordon, showing he wasn't just a typical Small Name, Big Ego chef trying to cover his flaws.

Sadly, he doesn't hold onto his job long enough to see it implemented in the kitchen. Ignored Expert : If Gordon's reaction to David's burger free of any oversight is anything to go by, he's a competent chef who can back up his boasting, but he's forbidden from implementing his own ideas by Alan, despite Alan's own recipes and methods being inexperienced and unpopular with customers. Jerkass Has a Point : He's not really approachable and his attitude can put some people off, but there's no denying he was a seriously competent chef when left to his own devices, and his complaints about the restaurant were all equally valid in face of how it was being run.

But as pointed above, even if his "threat" towards Daniel wasn't serious, he should've shown a lot more professionalism given the situation. Name's the Same : His full name's David Blaine, the same as the magician, which he and Gordon lampshaded more than once. Surrounded by Idiots : He clearly thinks that he's this with the owners, if not necessarily the rest of the kitchen staff.

Gen Alan's wife, Daniel's mother. Abusive Parents : She goes along with her husband stealing money from their son and verbally abusing Daniel's girlfriend in front of him. Bad "Bad Acting" : Coughs or very poorly pretends to cough after tasting Chef David's burger so that she can freely criticize it while praising her husband's burger. Bad Boss : Kept Chef David's paychecks on the backburner and constantly criticizes his food while praising her own husband's food To say nothing of her employment and treatment of her own son, which follows the same beats as Alan. Bitch in Sheep's Clothing : appears to be nice at first, but she turns out to be just as abusive of her son as Alan.

Catchphrase : "I'm 64 years old Seriously, the effort she put into insisting she was not on Prozac and the number of times she kept saying it, it's clear that David really got under her skin with that comment Death Glare : She gives a brief, almost threatening look when Gordon tries David's burger and prefers over her husband's. Ignored Expert : As much as Yelpers can be called experts. She fell asleep while Gordon was presenting actual Yelpers to the family to show how they're actual people with actual complaints, and not a conspiracy against the restaurant. Never My Fault : Usually claims her old age is the reason why she doesn't do some things or tries to improve the restaurant or her own behavior.

Playing the Victim Card : Also a common thing she does after bringing up her age again or complaining about Chef David. Yes-Man : To Alan, which means any point Gordon has about the restaurant will be refuted by both Gen and her husband. Non-Indicative Name : While you might think from his nickname that he's a hot-tempered person, he was probably the calmest, most rational person at the restaurant.

He also doesn't appear to be of Hispanic descent. You Are in Command Now : After David gets fired, he's installed as head chef just for the lack of any other readily-available candidate, and Daniel likely realising that they'd have trouble recruiting someone new due to the George Jetson Job Security of the position. Terry and Carol The husband and wife owners of Cafe Can't Take Criticism : Terry got very aggravated when his head server Brian offered his rather unflattering opinion of Pinto and of Terry's management style, and told Brian not to go any further with it.

Happily Married : The two have been together since high school and even in their situation their devotion to each other has never wavered. Took a Level in Badass : They acted on Gordon's advice to stay on top of what goes on in both the dining and especially the kitchen, after having been reluctant to take too much of a hands-on approach to how their individual chefs performed. Workaholic : Terry does much of the work in maintaining the restaurant, which has often left his employees short of work after service. Pinto The head chef of Cafe The Friend Nobody Likes : Easily the most arrogant and unreliable member of the kitchen staff, with his terrible leadership leaving the waiting staff in a constant struggle to encourage the customers who had to wait unreasonably long times for their food.

Insistent Terminology : Called all of the food he served "fresh frozen", which like with other chefs has never gone over well with Chef Ramsay. Pinto however was one of the worst offenders, feeling that the quality of the food remained the same regardless of its time spent in the fridge. Lazy Bum : To sum up how slow he was at service, one impatient customer joked that "I think they have to catch the shrimp first". Brian: Pinto has one speed, and that speed is "Fuck you". Cafe Tavolini. Keith and Lisa The husband and wife owners and "managers" of Cafe Tavolini. Abusive Parents : Keith regularly took his frustrations out on his stepson whenever he called him out on his unwillingness to work. Lisa also appeared to take Keith's side whenever her husband and son had a disagreement.

In the official youtube video one of the examples that make people genuinely dislike Keith is when he told Lisa "Your son, not mine". However something that isn't as pointed out is the fact that Lisa actively prevents her son from defending himself or taking a stand against his stepfather, something that could be considered psychologically worse. Bad Boss : Neither did anything to hold up their end in managing the business. The two had the nerve to order food from their own kitchen and eat it from the privacy of their van outside the restaurant during dinner service.

Blatant Lies : Keith tells Gordon that he's usually on deck during the restaurant's seven-day work week. This didn't work however as his son had already told Ramsay in private that this was far from the truth. Even Lisa is guilty as she was accusing her son of being a liar while he was telling things how they were. Didn't Think This Through : To say this of their decision to buy the cafe on the fly would be an understatement, to say the least, with neither of them having any prior experience in the restaurant industry; Lisa was a hairdresser by trade, and Keith owned a wine shop. Downer Ending : They soon sank back into their old ways after Gordon left, and they soon lost both their business and their home as a consequence of their failure to wake up to Gordon's warnings.

About the only positive thing of note is that the family finally divorced Keith after the fact, but the damage had been done. Exact Words : Both of the rather plump owners waited for dinner service to have Fat Bastard : Keith's a bit on the heavy side, and absolutely did not deserve all the help so graciously given to him by Gordon. Lisa too was a bit in the overweight side and she wasn't much more useful than Kieth was when things get rough and she even escaped the restaurant in the second service. Gold Digger : Lisa is implied to be this. She claims to want to divorce Keith and later gives a scripted apology to Gordon and her staff. After claiming she can't stand Keith she had no problem sitting in a car with him all dinner service while being more concerned alongside him about her son not bringing a fork alongside the food than how the service is going.

In real life after Tavolini closed Lisa did divorce Keith, possibly since he lost everything. Henpecked Husband : Considering his laziness and his disrespect towards his wife and staff, odds are you won't feel bad for him when his family and Gordon call him out for it. Hoist by His Own Petard : Their decision to buy up the restaurant ultimately led to the end of not only their business, but of their marriage as well. To make matters worse, the family fell into foreclosure as their fortunes went under.

Hypocrite : Lisa had no problem after Keith left to get "liquor" — he didn't come back with any — telling Gordon how Keith leaves whenever it gets tough in the restaurant for any reason. In a service afterwards she also leaves when things get rather hard, though unlike Keith she doesn't even bother to make an excuse she just walks out. Informed Attribute : Lisa claimed to want to divorce Keith due to the way he is but she had no problem taking his side instead of her son's even calling her son a liar when he was telling the truth.

She also had no problem hiding and making her son do extra work including making a scene over a fork at the expense of her son alongside Keith during dinner service. Lazy Bum : Both are a defining case of this, Keith preferring to watch the activities of the restaurant via camera from the comfort of his couch at home and to sleep through the afternoon rather than have to show up and assume any of the responsibilities of the restaurant. Lisa openly hated having to step foot into the place She also openly complained after being made to be a waitress AFTER making a scene about how committed she has become , with both retreating to the solitude of their van while Gordon and the staff struggled to keep service going. The Load : Both of them, Keith, so much so that his own general manager could not name one thing that Keith regularly oversaw in his own business.

Lisa too, she even objected to being a waitress after making a huge speech about how she was going to change and she is committed. Sadly, the message didn't stick for long. Judging by her actions after reading her pre written letter to Gordon it probably didn't even truly bother her. Never My Fault : Keith never took responsibility for his restaurant's problems, constantly blaming his wife who at least made the effort to show up. Lisa took more of a "Never Keith's Fault" role.

When Keith was out during Ramsay's initial orders Lisa called Kieth to tell him specifically not to blame her for what was going on even though she is in charge. Returning the Wedding Ring : As their troubles at the restaurant worsened, things got so bad between the two that Lisa seriously considered divorcing him altogether. Surely enough, when the restaurant failed, that's exactly what they did. Skewed Priorities : Keith and moreso Lisa, Lisa especially was concerned about the wrong things during Gordon's time tasting the food. Both later when they left dinner service to have Though this doesn't stop Lisa from complaining about when Keith does it.

Ungrateful Bastard : Probably the kindest thing that could be said about Keith considering what happened after Gordon left. Lisa too never really apologized to her son for always taking his step father's side and calling him a liar, especially when he showed how much more committed he ever was to the restaurant. Van Lisa's son and Keith's stepson, and a server at Cafe Tavolini. Brutal Honesty : Personally took Ramsay aside before he even stepped foot in the restaurant and told him of what kind of managers his parents really were, and was constantly calling out Keith for doing nothing to support his own business. Hypercompetent Sidekick : Having had to deal with his parents' constant neglect of the restaurant, he had to become this to keep the business afloat; That said, even with the odds stacked against him, he was clearly a far more competent manager than either Keith or his mother.

Like Father, Unlike Son : He clearly was not close to his stepfather, and deeply resentful of how much he was neglecting the restaurant. Often it was Van who assumed much of the work when his parents retreated from the dining room. Ultimately his mother divorces Keith. Only Sane Man : Was constantly frustrated by his parents' laziness and arguing, and unlike them was full aware of what would happen if their family-owned business could not turn around. With his sister Joli, he did his damnedest to bring some sanity back to the restaurant. What the Hell, Hero? Disgusted at their selfishness, he doesn't even bother to get them silverware before going back inside.

Michael The head chef of Cafe Tavolini. Hypercompetent Sidekick : He often picked up the slack when Keith and Lisa refused to do their part, and he singlehandedly saves the dinner service when the two of them have retreated from the dining room. He showed himself to be far more competent at running the kitchen than the owners; especially impressive considering the surprisingly small kitchen he had to work from. Denise The owner of Cafe Hon. For better or worse. Can't Take Criticism : Like you wouldn't believe. Earn Your Happy Ending : Cafe Hon is still open for business when Ramsay comes for the revisit, and Denise is noticeably kinder and in better spirits with the staff, customers and the Baltimore community, although her infamous trademark attempt is still very much talked about.

Face of the Band : Of Cafe Hon, but in a more negative example. A local radio host even mentions that you couldn't talk about the restaurant without mentioning her. Impossibly Tacky Clothes : A Beehive hairstyle, feathered boas, and leopard-print clothes makes up her "Honderful" outfit. Kick the Dog : Aside from trademarking the word "Hon," she goes after anyone who uses the word, sending them a "Cease and Desist" letter. Must Make Amends : When she sees the citizens of Baltimore express how they feel about her trademarking the word "Hon," she announces that she is removing the word from the registry in order to get back in their good graces.

Only in It for the Money : The only possible justification for her trademarking the word "Hon" in the eyes of many. Among other things, she bans the chefs from seasoning fries note as Gordon points out, a step in cooking fries so basic even fast food restaurants do it , tells the chefs to drop everything so she can yell at them for things like not plating asparagus the way she wanted, and 86's dishes if just one comes out wrong which her pointless, nitpicky lectures may cause.

Took a Level in Kindness : The revisit shows that her attitude has significantly improved and she gave up on the trademark attempt, which resulted in the majority of the community forgiving her and giving her improved Cafe a boost in business. Wounded Gazelle Gambit : Tries to make herself to be the victim by telling Gordon that she was a victim of a smear campaign and receiving death threats over trademarking the word "Hon.

Jim and Jeff The owners and head chefs of Capri, and identical twins. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass : Both of them started as inexperienced overgrown children who had very little activity in the kitchen and cooked sub-par food with stale, expired, frozen or pre-made ingredients. But the second their morale was lifted and they received a new look and guidance, the two produced high-quality food on their own and had one of the most solid relaunches in the show. Their restaurant had favorable reviews prior to it being sold in September 9, Inelegant Blubbering : Jeff when he starts crying.

Manchild : Both of them, albeit different types each. Jeff can't handle much pressure and breaks down crying at the slightest opposition, while Jim is the aggressive type that acts defensive when criticized or questioned. Fortunately, both of them lose this trait by the end. Never My Fault : Part of Jim's immature behavior, as he goes on confessional cam to say Gordon won't stop "whining about every little thing", and acting like the expired food isn't a big deal. He thankfully grows out of it. Took a Level in Badass : They grew out of their manchild behavior fast under Gordon's instructions and managed to start making good food from scratch with fresh ingredients.

Their restaurant fared well prior to it being sold, with great reviews online and still allowing them enough space to joke a bit with their customers while they served quality lunch and dinner. Twin Switch : They pull this joke on Gordon when he first arrives at the restaurant. Gordon sees right through it. Casa Roma. Nylah The owner of the restaurant. Extreme Doormat : The main reason why she put up with Erick's crap for so long was because she was too scared of the prospect of having to find a replacement.

It was only when Gordon pointed out that had nothing to lose by trying Drew in the job, as he couldn't possibly be any worse than Erick, that she finally plucked up the courage to fire him. Erick The restaurant's first head chef. Catchphrase : "What can you do? Cordon Bleugh Chef : His signature dish was a deep-fried Monte Cristo sandwich coated with powdered sugar. With that approach, he didn't even make it until the halfway point of the episode before getting the bullet. To be fair, Monte Cristo sandwiches are supposed to be fried and are traditionally served with a dusting of powdered sugar on top a big source of the complaints.

However, Erick's was fried in so much oil that Gordon could squeeze it like a sponge and have grease sopping all over the place, which is not how it's supposed to be served. Jerkass : Said that he didn't give a rat's ass what Gordon thought of his food, and clearly didn't give a damn about doing a good job. Even when Nylah fired him, he walked away angrily muttering about how he'd been screwed over. Lazy Bum : Took well over an hour to deliver Gordon some of the absolute worst food ever seen on the show, at a time when Gordon was the only customer in the restaurant.

This, along with only managing to serve food to 2 out of 23 customers in the service that followed, saw him fired by the end of Gordon's first day at the restaurant. Medal of Dishonor : Ranks among the extremely small number of people Gordon has met whom he deemed completely beyond help; the only advice he could give to Nylah was to fire him, which she eventually took. Money, Dear Boy : As Gordon pointed out, clearly the only reason why he even bothered to show up to work. And most of the time, showing up was about all he did.

Even after he was finally let go, he had the audacity to say he was the one who was screwed over. Drew The restaurant's second head chef. Hypercompetent Sidekick : Subverted. While he was definitely more competent and had a better attitude towards his work than Erick, he ultimately proved not to be up to the job of head chef, and was fired himself some time before the revisit.

Q The restaurant's third head chef. You Look Familiar : Ramsay said this word-for-word after meeting him in the revisit. He actually first appeared as part of the kitchen staff of Sebastian's in that episode. After he lost his job in the wake of the restaurant closing, Nylah contacted him and offered him the job of head chef at Casa Roma. Chappy The co-owner and head chef at the restaurant. Aesop Amnesia : Given his stubbornness, was anyone the least bit surprised when he went straight back to his old ways after Gordon left?

Can't Take Criticism : As far as he was concerned, the customer was always wrong whenever it came to complaints about his food and they just couldn't handle it. He tried to capture that same success in Nashville, but it's heavily implied by Gordon and the episode itself it's had an effect on him even afterwards and he's Stopped Caring. Impossibly Tacky Clothes : While working he combined a normal-looking chef's jacket with polka-dotted pants that consisted of five or six different colors. It didn't do a whole lot to convince Ramsay of his professionalism. Jerkass : Treated his staff poorly, refused to take any criticisms or suggestions from Gordon, and wasn't above arguing with his customers.

Lazy Bum : Had a strong contender for the absolute filthiest fridge seen in the show's entire run, including mayonnaise that was three years out of date, and mould that had engulfed entire racks on the interior. On top of that, he fried meat and seafood in the same pan in order to save time, despite Gordon pointing out that many people are pescatarians and would likely take issue with this to say nothing of people with shellfish allergies. Know-Nothing Know-It-All : Proudly boasts about his work, but none of his cooking impresses Gordon and when confronted on various health and safety issues he either denies them or expresses ignorance he seemingly wasn't even aware of what a pescatarian even was before Gordon pointed it out.

The Napoleon : Likely experienced short man syndrome, due to wearing the same type of ludicrously tall chef's hat made infamous by Hell's Kitchen contestant Craig during that show's fourth season. Like with Craig, Ramsay forced him to get rid of it. Perhaps most astoundingly, he put it right back on after Gordon had left. Never My Fault : When Ramsay called him out on how bland his food was, he tried to claim that it was only because the locals couldn't handle the full spiciness of his New Orleans cuisine.

After the episode aired and his restaurant was shut down for failure to pay taxes, he predictably tried to blame Gordon's changes, even though nearly everyone who worked there said in the episode itself it had been struggling for some time. Percussive Maintenance : Pounded the hell out of Ramsay's filet, despite it being well-known as perhaps the most tender cut of beef. Probably the only reason he isn't one of the more notorious owners from the show's run is the fact that his was the episode immediately before Amy's Baking Company.

Starr Chappy's wife, and the co-owner of the restaurant. Logic Bomb : Said that there was nothing really wrong with Chappy's food, it just needed modernizing and revamping. Something that Ramsay pointed out was actually kind of a major problem, since it wouldn't need "modernizing and revamping" if it was already excellent. Only Sane Man : Downplayed. Tiny Guy, Huge Girl : A mild example, as Chappy was by far the heavier of the two and the height difference was magnified by her heels, but on-screen she looked noticeably taller than him. Downer Ending : The restaurant would end up closing in July in , five months after the original aring of the episode, and yes her mother and sister ended up losing their homes.

Hypocrite : Doesn't want to fire Casimiro because he has a family, despite treating her own family like crap despite all they're doing to help her. Jerkass : Shown to be very disrespectful to Val, and is shown to berate a server for crying. Playing the Victim Card : When decisions in regards to running the restaurant or lack thereof come back to bite her. Gordon rightfully points out that she only has herself to blame for the mess she got herself and her mother and sister into.

Pointy-Haired Boss : Doesn't make any changes to improve the restaurant, despite going through two previous owners. She doesn't seem to even have a clue about what goes on in the restaurant. Gordon even asks her, " What Were You Thinking? Sadistic Choice : She must choose between a chef she considers a dear friend who'd been at the restaurant for 14 years, or a restaurant that is fast failing in part because of his neglect, a restaurant that her family's welfare now rides on.

Ultimately, she must let go of Casimiro, which was a very difficult decision for her. Title Drop : After Gordon was not impressed with the food, she says that they have a real Kitchen Nightmare. Ungrateful Bitch : As mentioned above, she treats Val horribly. Despite the fact that she's one of the reasons the other being her mother why she has the restaurant in the first place, even putting up her house on the line. Casimiro Head Chef at Charlie's for 15 years. Can't Take Criticism : After Gordon calls him out for his overall mediocre performance, he refuses to cook. Leaving the other chefs to perform service on their own.

Creator's Pet : A real-person equivalent. Every one of us is a wonder. Every one of us has a story. Published in , The Soul Brothers and Sister Lou told the story of fourteen-year-old Louretta Hawkins, who hailed from the ghetto streets of Philadelphia, although the city itself was never mentioned. Afterward, the crew contemplates starting a Black Panther-styled nationalist organization, but instead form a Motown-inspired singing group.

Not initially, but over the long haul. But more important, she uses her terse style to speak to younger children and teenagers of limited attention spans with a directness and freshness which makes her a joy to read. Yet, after discovering the works of Virginia Woolf and Henry Miller as a teenager, Kristin decided she wanted to be a writer. After graduating high school in , Kristin entered the University of Pennsylvania as an education major, receiving her degree in Afterwards, she held positions as an advertising copywriter and an information officer for the city of Philadelphia. A year later, she married fellow writer and journalist Joseph Hunter. According to Phiefer L. In the picture accompanying the story, we see a serious, light-skinned woman with permed hair sitting in front of her typewriter with a manuscript page in one hand and a pencil in the other.

Scott Fitzgerald, and Thomas Wolfe.

Throughout the history of the United States, numerous presidents have left their legacies as slaveholders, bigots, Late Night Chitlins With Momma Analysis Inclusive Education In Schools of racial violence, but were the ones generally regarded as more sympathetic to the plight and interests Late Night Chitlins With Momma Analysis black Ame…. Wasn't food. Parenting the Husband Late Night Chitlins With Momma Analysis She loved Prison Overcrowding In America husband, Reflection On Coursework Late Night Chitlins With Momma Analysis clearly the more responsible one between the two and struggled to help Late Night Chitlins With Momma Analysis see the sense Late Night Chitlins With Momma Analysis Gordon's input. Closing t…. The Determinator : After getting fired, he refuses to leave the building until he's given a check covering all the wages Late Night Chitlins With Momma Analysis owed. Blatant Lies : Lies to Gordon about the Late Night Chitlins With Momma Analysis Myasthenia Gravis her food from the hotel service Late Night Chitlins With Momma Analysis even five minutes after he sets foot Late Night Chitlins With Momma Analysis the restaurant proper.

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